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If Jesus came today...

We all know our world is in turmoil. Factions abound everywhere and we Christians have not been immune to its fallout.  People everywhere seem to be looking for someone who can help guide us all through this seemingly hopeless maze of turmoil all of mankind has been caught up in.

Yes, we’re all looking for someone.  But this morning I was struck with a potent thought: “If Jesus himself came today... in the flesh to His people (Christians), would his message of Good News, insights and instructions of humbling ourselves… dying to our own self-will… loving even our enemies… thinking more of others than ourselves… being willing to suffer all kinds physical and emotional abuse, even death so he could work through us to straighten things out… would he and his alien ideas be acceptable to me?

“Would I be like the Pharisees who rejected him and his message because He and his foreign ideas didn’t fit my image or preconceived idea of what my“Savior” would expect of me, or how I was to act.

"Or like one of his disciples, would I love Him, trust and accept His unexpected, hard teaching, and commit myself to follow Him?  Would I trust Him enough to put all my faith and hope in Him wherever it led me.  Eventually never doubting His way was best for all of mankind?”

I had to do a lot of soul-searching with those particular questions. 

How about you?  Would YOU be like the Pharisees or like his disciples?

That’s a pretty potent thought, isn’t it?   So in all honesty, which would you be like?

I like to think I would be like His disciples. But in all honesty, I wonder.... ?


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