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Crystal Salt

YES... it's FREE!


You're going to like "Salt & Light"!  It's a VISUAL study with wider margins for note taking... which means more designed text blocks and white space that makes it more readable and functional.  So don't let the number of pages fool you.  It's an easy read!


We believe you're going to enjoy the new study style... and discovering for yourself the keys to BEING.

Dont let your light be dimmed.png

​"As a child of God, we are spiritually born again to be spotlights that shine our light on Christ, so those in darkness can see Him and walk in His light of hope!"

Just think about what that means...

When I discovered this powerful truth, it grabbed me... and set me on a journey of discovering some wonderful things I had been missing about the Christian faith.


So no matter who you are, if you're a seeker of Christ, or a new or seasoned Christian, come join me as we discover some meaningful, life-changing things about the simplicity of just BEING salt and light! 

You can download and print your Free PDF VISUAL Guidebook here, or read it online.

To download, just leave us the following info for our records.  Thank you!

How will you be using "Shake the Salt & Share the Light"? Choose all that apply.

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