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Salt & Light

"Don't let your light be dimmed.
You were made to shine in the darkness!"

Just think... as a child of God we were born to be a spotlight of hope that shines our light on Jesus so those trapped in darkness can see and walk in his wondrous freeing Light!  Does that surprise you?

Jesus told those following him, "You ARE salt... and light."  Not, "you need to be..." or "you can become...." But you already ARE!

Think about what this means.  It doesn't matter who we are, what job or career we have, whether we live alone or in a family, whether we're an introvert or extrovert, whether we have a way with words or whether we don't, whether we work in the church or in the market place, rich or impoverished... if we've accepted the way of Christ, we too ARE salt and light.


When I discovered this powerful truth, I wanted to know more. No matter who you are, come join me as we discover some wonderful things about the simplicity of BEING salt and light! 

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