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You will find below, convenient short answers to the questions.  For those looking for more in depth information, we've also provided "Quick Links" that take you directly to the complete article. Feel free to contact us if after reading the article, you still have a question about any of these topics and answers. Thank you!


There are so many opinions and beliefs about Christianity floating around in cyber space, it's very easy to become confused and  lose sight of what it actually means to be a Christian.  We're here to point to scripture that can help clear up some of that confusion.  You can then feel confident our answers are based on scriptural principles and not opinions.  If you would like to submit a question or make a (respectful) comment, please let us know by using the contact form.  We would appreciate the opportunity to consider adding it here to our Q & A section. Have a blessed day everyone! 

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I have good news! YES, it is possible to know. We're glad too you want to know, for this is probably the most important questions a person can ask themself, for it’s dealing with where you will be for eternity.  It's so important I would highly recommend you not take anyone’s word for it (including mine) and get to know well for yourself what the Bible tells us about who will be able to enter into heaven and why, and what can keep us from being able to enter it too.

One of our blog posts answers this important question more completely if you want to check it out.  It talks about it in a non-religious way that’s easy to understand whether you know little or a lot about God or the Christian Faith.    


Click here for the post.

We're glad you're wanting to know, for this is a question and answer that can determine where we will be spending eternity. Some people believe that all "good" people go to heaven, while others believe there are multiple ways to get to heaven.  And there's a smaller amount who believe there is only one way to get to heaven... through their particular religion. All can't be right, so is there a way of knowing who's correct? I’m thankful to be able to say, “Yes there is.”

Is it coincidental that out of all the religions in the world, only one tells us there is nothing we can do that will help us be perfect enough for heaven.  There is One Way that is totally unique to all others. It’s the only one based on what God did on our behalf (and not on what WE do) to make it possible for us to spend eternity with Him. We tell about it in one of our Blog posts, called, "Do all roads really lead to Heaven?"    


Click here to go directly to its page.

Jesus explained what it means to be “born again” while talking with a man called Nicodemus, who had secretly come to see Jesus late one night.  Jesus told him, “No man (person) can see the Kingdom of God (Heaven) unless they are born again.” He then went on to explain to Nicodemus what that means. We tell about it in a 1 page pdf document with the file name, “Ye must be born again.” Based on other scripture, we can see it’s a 3-step process, so that is explained along with the story too. Also if you want to know more, we’ve included a selection of scripture references on the same page for you to check out as well.    


Click here to go to its page link.


This is a good question, an important one too!  If a person understands what both words mean, then it's easier to see why the confusion about it, and why so many claim Christianity is a Relationship. 


Essentially all religions (including Christianity) are based on an established set of spiritual dogmas regarding a supernatural power and the afterlife, and what their adherents must DO to qualify for their religion's perception of heaven.


But Christianity differs in one major way: Christ and his disciples taught that no man can reach heaven by what they DO (in other words, through their works, which is just the opposite of other faiths). Scriptures tell us we are born with a sin nature that cannot be eradicated by what we do, no matter how good of a person we are.  Only God could make a way for us to die to that sin nature, and that way is through Christ, and becoming more like him.  We are to become much like a little child who loves their daddy and wants to be "just like him." What is described is like a family relationship.  We already have a document that shares more about this, if you would like to know more.  It's called, "Is it a Relationship or a Religion?"


Click here to go to its page link.

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