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Bottom Line

In this life, when all is said and done, everything is wrapped up in what must be only one objective for a child of God…

To increasingly break the pull of this world so the pull toward the next one with our Heavenly Father becomes more.

If that is not our objective, we are dangerously missing the purpose of why God came in the flesh. Since mankind is totally blind to the spiritual world, He came and lived among us to reveal it, and to make a way for us to see His light so we can successfully escape the realm of spiritual darkness, eventually entering His righteous realm and forever dwell with Him.

The Bible tells us all we need to know to find the way He made for us, and to keep us heading in the right direction, for it reveals our spiritual enemy too, whose one and only goal is to deceive and keep us content to live in the darkness, never able to connect with God.

I hope this "good news" of hope resonates with your heart like it did mine!


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