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An indescribable wonder...

Right now I’m truly, “feeling lost for words.”

This morning while waking I had an unexpected thought that launched me on this new path of wonder and struggle to find the right words to describe it. It all started with one of those “light-bulb” moments we can unexpectedly have.

This time that proverbial flash of light brought my focus to an image and realization that all of one’s life is encapsulated in a single minuscule cell!

Just think about it for a moment… how our past and future life resided in just one minute cell—like a rosebud—ready to begin unfurling itself at just the right moment, eventually becoming a living, breathing body, with all its unique physical characteristics, emotions, abilities, moral character, disposition, and more—ready to be kick-started so we could experience it all.

Now think about yourself... all your abilities to think, process, eat, and interact with the world… to physically see, hear, feel and taste, gather memories… the ability to feel and give love, and enjoy the good things in life… to experience all that makes you a unique, one-of-a kind individual since the beginning of time. There never has been, nor ever will be again, a person like you... or like me.

All of that and more, unbelievably once resided in two cells so small they once seemed invisible to the naked eye… until they came together to ignite that mysterious “spark of life” (which we can witness happening in this video) exploding like they were designed to do when they united, kick-starting our unfolding process, which led to this moment in life, for YOU... and me.

The wonder of it all truly does boggle my mind! Just think, this is the way you and I sprang to life, setting us on individual paths to where we are right now!

When we consider the power and wonder that laid dormant in the single cell we each once were, how can we believe something so complex as “life” came into being by chance?

I’m just now remembering what someone once said years ago: “Life is God’s gift to man, what we do with it can be our gift back to Him.” That now has new meaning for me. How about you?

Ahhh… the mystery of life! Let’s treat it well. We’ve each been given only one cell and kick-start spark you know!

Be blessed everybody, with the wonder of it all!


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