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“Handle with care”

"Life is short. Handle with care.”  That is the thought that stayed with me this morning.

And the more I thought about it, the more those six simple words contained!

I started thinking how there’s no doubt about it: my life, and yours is indeed short… especially when compared to how long humanity has been around, and to the bigger picture of “eternity.” …and we get only one shot at it too!  It’s pretty humbling when we realize our Lives are just temporary blips on the timeline of mankind’s history and future.

That then truly makes it an irreplaceable, precious gift that we need to “handle with care,” doesn’t it?

As we’re reading this, most of us will automatically think we’re talking about our physical bodies. And we’ll be right. But that’s not all Life is, for our bodies are only the physical shell that houses our one-of-a-kind gift of Life – that part of us which makes us unique. Or as some say, that part of us which makes us tick!  Technically that’s our “intangible” part of Life, our “Soul.”

Because our body is visible for all to see, we have no problem recognizing our need to take care of it. In fact, some of us carry it to extreme, seeking to escape the ravages of time and defy what our mirrors are telling us!  So it’s our “Soul-Life” that too often can become seriously neglected and diseased with the “weeds” and rotten garbage we too often collect while experiencing life in this world.

Since our body and soul are intertwined to make a whole, it then makes sense, doesn’t it? That the condition of our soul is going to affect what happens in and to our bod,y and how we relate to the world and others around us. Since it plays such a critical role making us who we are, it's then vitally important to take better care of it.

We pack a lot into the short time we’re here – which prepares us for what is to come. But that’s a whole different topic in itself.

Yes. It’s true. Life is short. And we need to better handle it with care.

I see too that when we recognize its value and purpose, it is then we will better know how to nurture, grow, protect, and guard it. This amazing thing we’ve been given is a precious, God-given gift. , which we call, “Life.”


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