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How to have new life...

Nicodemus' secret meeting with Jesus blew the lid off on how to have a new life and get to heaven! We need the right kind of of food to grow healthy physically and spiritually so we can. This 1-page guide can help.

Jesus revealed to Nicodemus something never heard of before about God and His heavenly Kingdom. He told him that to enter the Kingdom of God, a person needs to be "born again!" Nicodemus responded like any of us would have... in shock! He was stunned and confused, and declared, "How can this be!"

Jesus explained in such a way that we can understand. To paraphrase it, just like we had to be physically born to see and live in this physical world, we have to be born spiritually to see and live a whole new life as a child of God in His spiritual world! That makes a lot of sense, doesn't it.

But that's just the beginning of growing up to be one of God's Kids... for how do we do that in this physical world that too easily distracts us from our spiritual one!

This one page, free guide is chocked full of info that can help you do just that.

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