The irony of racism

Hated racism is a plague that can reside in hearts of people no matter their race, isn’t it? Here in America we proudly thought we had finally gotten it under control too with the help of the black’s well-respected leader, Rev. Martin Luther King and the federal mandates that followed in …




Great food for thought! A timeless insight that can help us in every area of our life; in relationships, at work, or with family. “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less.”

Oh the irony!

Have you ever considered the irony that we are in awe and enamored by the magnitude of the universe, and learned men and have dedicated themselves and billions to understanding it’s mysteries — yet we are blase about the one who formed it and can use the Earth as His footstool. …

Enjoy what you have

By celebrating what we have — instead of focusing on what we want — we see a change in our attitude and then are better able to discover and enjoy God’s wonderful blessings.